Inspired indulgences from gourmet chefs paired with views of the water create something that is more than just dreamlike, with one-of-a-kind delights that stimulate the senses of sight, smell, and taste.

From decadent to simply outstanding, the seasoned Executive Chef at Touchstone Grill creates a colourful menu using fresh local ingredients to satisfy every palate. 

Touchstone Grill Hours 

September 13, 2021 to October 10, 2021:

Sunday:       12pm - 9pm

Monday:       12pm - 9pm

Tuesday:       Closed

Wednesday: 12pm - 9pm

Thursday:     12pm - 9pm

Friday:          12pm - 9pm

Saturday:      12pm - 9pm

*Closed Saturday, September 8th, 2021

October 11, 2021 to December 31, 2021:

Sunday:        Closed

Monday:       Closed

Tuesday:      12pm - 9pm

Wednesday: 12pm - 9pm

Thursday:     12pm - 9pm

Friday:           12pm - 9pm

Saturday:      12pm - 9pm

*Closed Tuesday October 23, 2021 w/ Takeout available

*Closed Friday November 19, 2021 and Saturday November 20, 2021 w/ Takeout available

*Closed Tuesday December 25, 2021 and Wednesday December 26th, 2021

Reservations required

Bob's Boathouse Bar

Our New Boathouse Bar!

Hours of Operation

Sunday:       12pm - 5pm

Monday:       Closed

Tuesday:       Closed

Wednesday: 12pm - 5pm

Thursday:     12pm - 5pm

Friday:          12pm - 5pm

Saturday:      12pm - 5pm

Available For Special Events

No thanks.